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As a University assignment, I had to re-design three ads for a magazine. Although the brands are different, in all of the ads I made sure there was a simple and straightforward message, I used graphic resources to reinforce and illustrate said message, while transmitting what each brand is about. 

All the designs were created by putting together pre-existing photos of each individual object, editing them, adding shades, etc using Photoshop & illustrator 

Redesigning an IKEA ad to highlight the brand's practicality and affordability

P - Render ad ikea.png
Captura de Pantalla 2023-05-23 a la(s) 11.58.37.png

An Ad that illustrates Converse's vision, that no matter who you are they have a shoe for you


P -Render poster converse tranqui.png
Captura de Pantalla 2023-05-23 a la(s) 11.58.14.png

Creating an ad about the brand Chamberlain Coffee that reflects

their unique artistic aesthetic

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